What Is Moksha in Hinduism? Find Your Answers Here

Dwelling in the world of spirituality and mythology, Moksha is something every individual wants to attain. Before we go any further, you definitely will want to understand ‘what is the meaning of moksha,’ right? So, What is Moksha in Hinduism? If you believe in birth, death, or the afterlife and believe in spiritual power, then Moksha is a term you want to dive deep into. Moksha is not just a concept in Hinduism but in Buddhism and Jainism also. Every religion perceives Moksha in its ways, and in this blog, we will discuss a broader picture of Moksha in Hinduism.


What Is Moksha In Hinduism?

Though the belief systems of all religions are different, and if you ask, “What is Moksha in Hinduism” then here is how we understand it. 

Hindus are born and brought up in a spiritual land with the same spiritual energy in the house. With a strong belief in mythology, Hindus have a strong concept of life and death, in fact, rebirth also. But if we ask what Moksha is according to Hinduism, then Moksha is liberation from samsara. Let me make this a little clearer for you.  

Samsara, in simple words, means the cycle of life and death. The liberation from the cycle of life and death and the concept of rebirth is called Moksha or Mukti. The Hindu philosophies speak and portray Moksha as releasing life and death and attaining eternal Moksha from this materialistic world. So, the seeking What is Moksha in Hinduism? comprises the ultimate goal of human life, whoever takes birth in the universe, has to attain Moksha. So, the concept that Hindus believe is that one should attain salvation in their life at the end because Moksha meaning in English is salvation.


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How To Attain Moksha?

Of course, now that we understand Moksha, we want to know how to attain Moksha. Attaining Moksha requires a deep connection with oneself rather than having connections and temporary attachments from the materialistic world. To attain Moksha or Mukti is to connect with just one thing, i.e., your soul at the deepest level. There is a huge misconception related to Moksha, where people believe one can attain Moksha and Mukti when one dies. Down below, there are some pointers that will help you understand how to attain Moksha in a better way. 

Remove Temporary Attachments: All the materialistic things in life, be it your luxurious home, car, or the money that you earn, everything is temporary. When you attain Moksha, these things will not matter to you anymore. The best way to attain Moksha is to understand the fact that these attachments will mean nothing, and you can stay content even without the luxury. 

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Detach Yourself: Separate yourself from the unnecessary feelings in your life. Be it anger, be it frustration, or jealousy, all these emotions are stopping you from attaining Moksha. Your mind and soul should be free of all these emotions. Prepare yourself to be calm in every situation. 

Meditation: When you sit with your eyes closed and think about freeing your soul from every attachment, that’s when Mukti, meaning Moksha, starts to take place in your soul. As a Hindu, belief in spiritual power and belief in a pure soul are the key things. Close your eyes, calm your mind, and meditate.

Make Yourself free from Negative Energy: What is Moksha in Hinduism? Freeing yourself from all the negative energy and vibes is the main factor in attaining Moksha. There will be thousands of feelings and energy surrounding you. There will be something positive, and there will be something negative, but you should not bother yourself with the negative. Stay away from negative energy and aura as much as possible. Your soul and spirit should feel positive. 

To attain Moksha is about releasing everything and attaching yourself just to the soul and the spiritual power. You need not die to attain Moksha, although that is the ultimate guide. 


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What Will Happen After Attaining Moksha?

In Hinduism, the ultimate cycle of birth, death, and rebirth just goes on and on until one attains Moksha. Hindu philosophy believes that no one dies, just the muscles and bone decompose, but the soul remains. The soul travels to a different body, be it in an animal body or a human body. It all depends on the deeds that we have done in our lifetime. 

Hindus strongly believe in “Reap what you sow,” and similarly, it goes with Moksha. If your good deeds and good things are more than the bad ones, you attain Moksha. Your soul and spirits will be liberated from the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth. You will attain Moksha and, ultimately, liberty because Moksha mean liberation.

If you do bad deeds more than good ones, your soul will not be and yet be trapped in another body, and the cycle will tend to continue until your good deeds are just higher, and then finally, you will liberate and free your soul.

There are hundreds of examples in Hindu Mythology as well, where the Avatars of gods have attained Moksha and liberated their souls. Hindus’ strong belief in mythology and divine power just shows them the way to attain Moksha. 

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All religions have their concepts of religion and liberation of the soul. In Hinduism moksha, the attainment of Mukti, and the proper meaning of Moksha, which is salvation, depends on how you live your life. Being detached from materialistic things, doing good and helping others, and not feeling jealous and angry are all a step towards attaining Moksha. So, What is Moksha in Hinduism?, as simple as it sounds, it does take a lot of willpower and a deeper level of understanding with the soul, which requires time and patience. Once you have liberated your soul and attained Moksha you are free from the cycle of birth and death.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. What is Moksha in Hinduism? Is this is limited to this religion only? 

No, Moksha and the concepts of Mukti are believed by everyone, irrespective of religion. The terms to refer to their changes, the concept might vary a little, but the ultimate goal remains the same. 


Question 2. What is Moksha in Buddhism?

The steps and goals remain the same, even in Buddhism. Attaining Moksha means giving up on all material desires and freeing yourself from monetary benefits. They redefine attaining Moksha as attaining Nirvana. Attaining Nirvana is basically to free yourself from pain and suffering, the liberation of the soul is not a concept highly adopted by Buddhism. Their aim is to have a deeper connection with the soul and liberation from all the suffering. 

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