Sri Aurobindo Society Joins Paavan To Add Spiritual Wellbeing In Everyday Life

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In today’s fast-paced world, we find ourselves juggling between work, family, and social commitments, and amidst all this chaos, our pursuit of happiness, inner peace, and balance takes a backseat.

While we look for answers in the outside world, we fail to realize that the key to finding peace lies within us. When the mind, body, soul and nature are in harmony, life truly blossoms.

This is precisely the vision that inspired us to create Paavan – a platform that empowers individuals to lead more fulfilling, balanced, and joyful lives. Our mission is to provide sustainable solutions for overall well-being and everyday problems, and to be a trusted guide to help you navigate through life’s challenges.

Our vision is more than just a simple task – it is a profound journey towards a greater purpose. As we embarked on this journey, we realized that the answers we seek have been with us all along. Our own ancient wisdom, spiritual practices & science holds the keys to unlock the deeper mysteries of life.

Our commitment is to make this knowledge accessible to the world by making it simplified, actionable, and relevant for modern times.

As we build Paavan, we have been fortunate to meet many mentors who share our vision and want to collectively work towards a better tomorrow. Drawing from their vast expertise, insight, and research, they have distilled practical and impactful solutions for diverse life challenges that can be found on our app.

Recently, we crossed paths with Sri Aurobindo Society, a global spiritual organization that embodies every principle we hold dear. For over half a century, Sri Aurobindo Society has been transforming the lives of millions of seekers by adding spirituality into their material lives.

Today, we are thrilled to officially have Sri Aurobindo Society on Paavan app. With the teachings of Sri Aurobindo & the Mother, this collaboration will enable us to offer true solutions to modern life problems and help steer you towards a better life.

We see Sri Aurobindo Society as a natural fit because both of us are working towards a bigger goal of creating a more conscious and harmonious world. Together, we believe we’ll be able to help the world unlock their true potential and live life the right way.
Sankalp Jain, Co-founder Paavan

We all have problems, and problems of all types – personal, work-related, in relationships, etc. But we don’t know where to look for solutions. Even the solutions we find are only external changes and therefore they don’t last.

The true solution can come only with the application of spirituality as correctly understood, by a change of consciousness and by changing one’s attitude.

Sri Aurobindo Society and Paavan have come together to provide such answers to our problems through short videos.”

Shri Vijay Poddar, Member Executive—Admin. & Finance, Sri Aurobindo Society

As we embark on this new chapter together, we are reminded of the power of collaboration. When two organizations come together, each bringing their unique strengths, something magical happens. Together we can achieve something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Download the Paavan app today and move towards a happier, mindful and problem-free life.


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