7 Ways Overthinking Kills Your Happiness (Stop Overthinking)

overthinking kills your happiness

Do you feel that you overthink about what has happened in the past or what will happen in the future or something else? Do you feel like overthinking keeps you stuck and overthinking kills your happiness directly or indirectly? The habit of overthinking keeps you deeply rooted in doubt, fear, and uncertainty.

Before we jump to how overthinking kills your happiness we need to understand the signs that show you are an overthinker and some other vital things about overthinking so let’s slip into that.


How To Recognize That You Are An Overthinker

So first of all, what is overthinking? Maybe you are an overthinker but you are not aware of this habit. Overthinking is a habit that makes you repetitively think about the same thing. When it comes to overthinking, you may also believe that I overthink because I notice everything but it’s not the case.

Thinking about what you said or what you did is ok but thinking continuously about certain things is not good and it is called overthinking. Overthinking can be considered a symptom of a mental ailment that is approaching panic attacks, anxiety, and even depression.

Here are the signs that say you are overthinking:

  • You can not stop worrying about things that are out of your control.
  • You repetitively remind yourself about your mistakes.
  • You relive disconcerting moments in your mind repeatedly.
  • You often ask yourself What if questions.
  • You find it difficult to sleep because your mind won’t shut off.
  • When people say or act like something you don’t like, you dwell on it.
  • You recall conversations, you keep thinking about the things you wish you had or had not said.
  • You spend a lot of time either dwelling on the past things or worrying about the future and miss what is happening in the present moment.


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How Overthinking Kills Your Happiness

Now you know how to recognize that you are overthinking, it’s time to comprehend how overthinking kills your happiness. When you have a habit of overthinking you often dwell upon painful thoughts for no good reason.

You waste your time thinking about things while you are supposed to do something important. You may even develop an anxiety disorder. Overthinking kills your happiness in many different ways.

7 ways overthinking kills your happiness and peace of mind ruining your life:

1. Overthinking prevents you from being in the present

Overthinking kills your happiness because it makes you dwell on your past or future preventing you from being present in the current moment. You are not able to live and enjoy the present moment.

2. Overthinking takes away your time and productivity

It does so quicker than you realize about it. Overthinking makes you end up lodging negative thoughts instead of a productive day. It can significantly halt your tasks and responsibility in case overthinking activates your anxiety.

3. Overthinking kills your happiness because it amplifies problems

Whether you realize it or not, overthinking tendencies can negatively impact how you see your problems. Whether you are dwelling on the past or overthinking about an event that is about to happen, you create problems that are not supposed to be.

4. Loses opportunities in your career as well as personal life

Overthinking kills your happiness because it makes you miss opportunities in life. overthinking tendencies avert your growth in your professional as well as personal life. It leads to regret when you recognize that your anxieties and habits are obstructing your way to success.

5. Overthinking kills your happiness because you focus more on negative aspects

Overthinking tendencies make you more negative. You think more about the negative aspects of everything. You are not able to take things positively but you always think negatively making it more difficult for yourself.

6. Overthinking kills your happiness because it ruins your relationships

You may think that your overthinking habit will not impact your relationships but it is not true. Overthinking kills your happiness by developing limiting beliefs involving your relationships with your dear ones. Repeated dwelling on certain things makes you feel that people do not love you which builds a wall between you and your loved ones.

7. Overthinking kills your happiness because it makes you hypersensitive

When you are an overthinker, your head is full of rational and irrational thoughts. You feel like you are not good enough or you may take certain things more personally which are not even meant to. You are more likely to feel offended for no reason. Overthinking kills your happiness because you are more likely to take things personally.


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Deep Thinking VS Overthinking

Many people misunderstand overthinking with deep thinking. When it comes to deep thinking vs overthinking, overthinkers get stuck in their thoughts while deep thinkers view the bigger picture. Overthinking make you paralyzed in your thoughts, deep thinking gets things done.

Overthinking and deep thinking may seem similar but both are different. The major difference between overthinking and deep thinking is the way you feel and the outcomes. Overthinking makes you feel anxious, scared, embarrassed, and scattered that is why overthinking kills your happiness. It makes you uncomfortable and it can make you unable to breathe if you are a bit agitated. Whereas deep thinking makes you feel comfortable. You feel curious, calm, and even more excited.


How to Stop Overthinking

Now you know overthinking kills your happiness and peace of mind in many different ways. It’s time to learn how not to overthink or how to calm your overthinking. Being able to recognize when you are overthinking, forgiving yourself, and moving forward can help you feel better.

When you are stuck in your thoughts, you leave no room for anything else than the worries you are thinking about. However, in order to stop overthinking, you need to create a space in your mind to think more positively and productively.

Doing meditation, writing the story roaming in your head, and building your self-trust allows you to calm your overthinking tendencies. Practicing these things allow you to tap into your inner guidance and use your ability to think deeply instead of overthinking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can overthinking cause headache?

Overthinking can trigger a tension headache. As mentioned above overthinking kills your happiness, it makes you worried, and stressed and impacts your sleep. All these things can contribute to headaches.

Question 2: Can overthinking cause anxiety?

Overthinking tendencies are linked to General Anxiety Disorder. This anxiety disorder is indicated by the habit of excessively worrying about several things. Overthinking is generally associated with anxiety, stress, and depression.

Question 3: Is overthinking good or bad?

Is overthinking good? Overthinking can be considered good if it is not inducing negative effects on your life. if you are aware of your overthinking parts and triggers you can get the benefits of overthinking. Overthinking may help you be more benevolent.

Coming to is overthinking good or bad? mostly it is bad and overthinking kills your happiness as discussed above. Overthinking harms how you behave, experience, and connect with people. It impacts decision-making, drains your energy, and keeps you from relishing the existing moment.

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