5 Proven Steps To Solve Any Problem In Life

Steps of problem solving

Problems are a part of life. Whether it is work-related or personal life issues, we all spend a considerable amount of time, solving our problems. When the problems are small, mostly we get the solutions quickly. However, when the challenges are complex, we may not get the solutions easily. Complex life issues may demand creativity, collaboration, and a sufficient amount of effort to resolve. In order to solve such problems you must know about effective steps of problem solving.

Before we dive into the steps of problem solving processes, let us understand about problem-solving.


What Is Problem Solving?

Problem solving processes are the methods to recognize problems, plan possible solutions, and take suitable steps to resolve the problems. It involves analyzing the problem, outlining countermeasures of the problem, and then applying the best possible solutions. Problem-solving is a skill that everybody must learn to be able to find efficient solutions for various life issues.

A most common problem-solving method example is the traffic jam. Where there is a traffic jam and you have to reach somewhere urgently, steps of problem solving will allow you to figure out alternative solutions. If you possess problem solving skills you will resolve the situation immediately and develop solutions to avoid the same situation in the future. Many such problem solving examples can see in your daily life.

Sometimes, you already know that you may find a traffic jam on the road you are driving on. As you know about the problem you are already prepared for that with alternative solutions. We can not prevent most of our life issues but we can be prepared for them. It does not matter, if the problem in our way is big or small, what matters is how we deal with it.


Acharya Chanakya said The one who finds relief before the onset of sorrow and promptly finds a solution when there is a  crisis and becomes tension-free remains happy. The one who is always prepared for impending disaster with quality problem solving tools, whose intelligence work excellently even in difficult times, always remains contended.

[bctt tweet=”The one who finds relief before the onset of sorrow and promptly finds a solution when there is a  crisis and becomes tension-free remains happy.” username=”paavanapp”]

[bctt tweet=”The one who is always prepared for impending disaster with quality problem solving tools, whose intelligence work excellently even in difficult times, always remains contended.” username=”paavanapp”]

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5 Steps Of Problem Solving To Help You Solve Problems In Life

No matter how great your life is and how good your job is, the chances of the occurrence of problems at some point are certain. If you are not able to take the required actions immediately, it may get worse. You should be well-equipped with problem solving steps so that you can seamlessly solve your life issues.

Below are the 5 steps in problem solving method that can make your problem-solving processes easier.

1. Figure out the problem

When it comes to the steps of problem solving, the very first step is to recognize the root cause of the problem. Sometimes the glitches are not easily detectable and may require extra analysis and some problem solving models to get the source.

In that case, ask yourself five questions, what, who, when, why, and where. You will definitely discover the source of the problem by asking these questions in association with the problematic matter.


2. Outline some workable solutions

Since coming up with the perfect solution right away is not always easy, so recognize a few practical solutions. For that, you have to do brainstorming and map out different scenarios to move forward to the second problem solving step. If you have a few problem solving models in hand, in case the first tactic doesn’t work well, you have others you can turn to.


3. Pick the best feasible option

As we are talking about steps of problem solving, the third step is choosing the most promising solution. Evaluate all the solutions you have and decide which one can work in the best possible way for your problem. Here you need to consider the implementation hurdles, time, costs, and every possible resolution associated with the solution you are picking.


4. Implement the chosen solution

It’s time to take action and put your chosen option to work. One of the most important steps of problem solving, executing suitable solutions. It requires planning, tolerance, and persistence, to establish a fresh change in any aspect of life. Before implementing your choice you should be aware of changes that might affect the daily workflow and establish benchmarks to make it easy to recognize if your solution is working well.


5. Assess the outcome

Now we know the four steps of problem solving, it’s time for the fifth step. The moment of truth, Is your implemented solution solving the problem? Are your benchmarks demonstrating that you have attained the desired outcome? Analyze the outcome carefully by asking yourself all the essential questions.

Is your problem solving steps working efficiently? If yes, congratulations! If not, no worries, you can try twisting you’re your solution in order to meet your goal. Also, remember that you have a few more solutions in your hand that you can try out.


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What Are Various Problem Solving Tools And Techniques?

1. Problem solving diagrams

Drawing your way out of a problematic matter is the meekest way to understand where you are and where you have to end up. Problem solving diagrams allow you to plot the most efficient route from a difficult situation to a flawless process.

Visual mapping makes it simpler to view:

  • The actual cause of the dilemma
  • Steps of problem-solving, resources, and people associated with every possible solution
  • Most efficient and least time taking options

Problem solving diagrams significantly help understand the problem and are great to convert intellectual ideas into a hands-on and reconstructive plan.


2. Problem solving mind maps

Mind maps are particularly helpful in visualization as they enable the brainstorming process. Brainstorming plays a major role in the root cause examination and discovering the possible solutions, making the difficulties more resolvable. In simple words, mind mapping is about representing what you are thinking.

Since not all people are comfortable working with typed or handwritten notes, mind maps are intended to allow you to lay out and structure your thoughts visually. It let you play with different concepts, ideas, and solutions similar to your brain.

By starting with a single concept that spreads out into the finest detail, mind mapping makes it trouble-free to describe unusual problems in less time, share and particularize innovative ideas and reach effective solutions.


3. Problem solving fishbone diagrams

Fishbone diagrams are one of the most common problem solving tools and techniques. These diagrams are named fishbone because as the diagrams complete, they appear like a fish skeleton.

With the possible source of a problem, branching off from either side of the spine line attached to the head, the dynamic fishbone diagrams allow you to plan out a set of possible reasons for your problem, discover each possibility by separating it into sub-causes and view how the contributing factors are associated to each other.


4. Problem solving concept maps

Concept maps are among the proven problem-solving tools and techniques that you can incorporate into your steps of problems solving. These maps are the best to outline your thoughts around potential solutions. They allow you to create interweaved, visual representations of complex concepts. By putting your problem solving processes digitally with lines to define relationship connections you can clearly view how each piece of the solution mystery connects with the other.


5. Problem solving software solutions

Software solutions are among the excellent ways to gain the advantage of multiple problem solving tools on one platform. There are many software programs geared toward particular aspects, processes, and industries. You can take advantage of such software depending on your particular demands.

Acharya Chanakya has said that if there is a thought or a plan before work, it should not be expressed through speech. Until that work or idea is given a real form, it should be kept hidden in the mind like a Guru Mantra. Nowadays we share our plans even before planning which is prohibited by Chanakya.

[bctt tweet=”Acharya Chanakya has said that if there is a thought or a plan before work, it should not be expressed through speech. Until that work or idea is given a real form, it should be kept hidden in the mind like a Guru Mantra.” username=”paavanapp”]

So keep that in mind and implement the above-described steps in the problem solving method, be a great problem solver making your life easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. How to define problem solving?

Problem solving is all about defining a problem, recognizing the root cause, evaluating, prioritizing, choosing alternatives for a  solution, and implementing the perfect solution. The process involves certain steps of problem solving.


Question 2. What are the 5 steps of problem solving?

The five steps of problem solving include outlining the problem, looking for some practical solutions, choosing the best solution, executing the picked solution, and evaluating the outcomes.


Question 3. Why is problem solving important?

Problem solving is vital in all spheres of life be it professional or personal. Various steps of problem solving allows you to detect and exploit opportunities and exert control over the future. Problem solving steps and skills are important to make your lives easier.


Question 4. How to solve problems in life?

Recognize and accept the problem, avoiding the problem doesn’t help solve it, it can make it worse. Avoid having irrational thoughts that can exaggerate your problem and focus on detecting the origin of the problem. Once you are done with that, it will be simpler to find suitable solutions.


Question 5. Who is a good problem solver?

A good problem solver makes confident decisions and resolves problems using analytical and critical skills. They follow the steps of problem solving wisely, consider all factors associated with a difficult situation, and take action accordingly.

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