Meditate at Night With 3 Simple Techniques for Better Sleep

Meditate at night

Meditation is a prevalent practice for ages and is today practiced across the world. In the past few years especially during and after the Coronavirus pandemic, several people are turning to meditation in order to attain better sleep quality and many physical and mental health benefits. When it comes to meditate at night for better sleep, the questions that come into our heads are, can we meditate at night? How to meditate before sleeping? Does meditating at night help you get good sleep? What is the right time to meditate for better sleep?

If you are looking forward to meditate at night or yoga at night, this blog is for you. We are going to answer these questions roaming in your head and offer you an insight into the practice of meditating at night. So let’s get into that.


Can We Meditate At Night?

Yes, you can meditate at night, it’s a convenient way to get relax before bedtime and have quality sleep. However, make sure you are picking the right meditation practice and doing it correctly at an accurate time. For example, devoting a few minutes to meditate at night can definitely help you get rid of worries and negative feelings from the day contributing to good sleep. Yet it is recommended to not practice the intense meditation techniques such as mantra meditation at least 2 hours before you go to sleep.

If you meditate at night intending to get a quick deep level of relaxation and quality sleep, it’s good to meditate before sleeping. However, if you meditate at night intending to achieve all the material and spiritual benefits of meditation, meditating at night is not the right pick.

On the other side, it is said that meditating late at night is not good as it can make it tough to get to sleep. Meditation is envisioned to sharpen your focus and mental clarity, it does not make you feel sleepy always. Additionally, when you meditate at night, sometimes it can negatively impact your sleep because your mind and body have increased energy levels.


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Effects Of Meditating At Night

It is definitely ok to meditate at night but there may be some consequences when you meditate right before sleeping that are not all good or bad. When you meditate at night, its effects depend on the meditation technique you are practicing and at what time you meditate at night.

If you meditate at night when your body is already tired and desperate to get rest, you may not be able to focus on your practice. When you meditate at night and try to stay alert during practice, you are fighting sleep instead of practicing meditation.

The human body is designed to get rest at night, so when you meditate at night you may fall asleep, maybe you are not able to meditate or sleep or you may wake up in a sleepy mood. If you want to meditate at night, make sure you go to bed earlier or get a particular time for meditation.


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How To Meditate Before Sleeping?

There are numerous meditation techniques meant to offer various benefits to the practitioners, some of which can lessen sleep troubles and help you get a relaxed sleep. You can practice these meditation methods to be present at the moment,  increase relaxation and release negative thoughts. It can amazingly boost your sleep quality by altering the waves of your brain. If you meditate at night with the goal to get good sleep. it is suggested to avoid some meditation techniques such as mantra meditation, transcendental meditation, and Yoga Nidra. These meditation practices are not meant to induce sleep. Instead, you should meditate at night on the techniques that are intended to attain deep and relaxed sleep.

Let us know about the 3 simple techniques to meditate at night for better sleep.

1. Guided Meditation For Sleep

If you want to unwind before getting into bed, guided meditation for sleep is one of the best choices. This meditation practice involves having a live trainer lead you or listening to a pre-recorded program. Guided meditation for sleep is the most frequently used technique to meditate at night for sleep troubles. It is a peaceful and soothing technique to leave your worries and stress behind and quickly get to sleep.

2. Mindfulness Sleep Meditation

Another valuable meditation practice to meditate at night in order to induce good sleep is mindful sleep meditation. As the name suggests, this meditation practice is about being mindful of your emotions, thoughts, ideas, and physical body without any kind of judgment.

This method can significantly help mollify any pressure or anxiousness from the day and make it quite easier to get deep sleep. Research suggests that mindful sleep meditation in combination with cognitive behavioral therapy can help manage insomnia.

3. Breath Meditation For Sleep

Probably the most practiced meditation technique at night is breath meditation for sleep as it is a great way to relax before sleeping. It is a powerful meditation technique to achieve better sleep. You can easily meditate at night through this straightforward approach.

You just need to concentrate on your breathing counting the inhalations and exhalations. You can experience a soothing mind and body within a few minutes and easily get into a peaceful sleep. The regular practice of breath meditation for sleep has a comforting effect that makes it a perfect way to prepare yourself for sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Can meditation reduce sleep?

There are many meditation practices intended for different purposes. It is highly important to practice the right meditation technique at the right time. If you are planning to meditate at night for better sleep you should choose a meditation practice accordingly. Certain meditation practices intensify short-term mental performance and lessen the need for sleep.

Question 2. How many times meditation can be done in a day?

It’s completely up to you, how many times you can meditate. Some people attain desired benefits of meditation by sitting once daily, while some prefer two or 3 short meditation sessions in the morning and evening.

If you are a beginner, meditating once a day can be enough. If you are looking forward to developing a habit of meditation practice, make sure you meditate regularly. Many people enjoy meditating whenever they get time. It does not matter how many times you are practicing in a day, the quality of the session matters more.

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