10 Best Books For Self Love To Boost Your Self Esteem

best books for self love

Have you boarded your self love journey and looking for the best books for self love? Then you have reached your destination. Books for self love can be tremendously therapeutic to help you see your inner self and transform you to be better. Self love books are just like your friends as these are full of self-discovering content. Books on self love can significantly help you stay on track while you are learning to love and accept yourself and be the best version of yourself.

If you are about to start your self-love journey, have already started, or want to learn more about self-love you must read the below enlisted best books for self love. These books on loving yourself will definitely help you heal and connect to yourself.


10 Best Books For Self Love To Add To Your Reading List

1. The monk who sold his Ferrari

Author: Robin Sharma

Publishing year: 1996

One of the best books for self love, this book encompasses all about self-analysis and spiritual understanding. The author describes a lovely representation of a person who attains success not in financial terms but because of the soul-seeling method. The book is empowering as it makes you choose yourself and your soul before money and all other lavish amenities. The author describes about the actual happiness where real success lies.


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2. The universe has your back

Author: Gabby Bernstein

Publication year: 2016

In this book, the author explores the significance of meditation, spiritual elevation, and different ways to live that help you through your journey to self-discovery. The book tells you about how it shapes your authenticity through new and better thoughts and inner beliefs. The author explores the most spiritual stance on self love by cheering you that the universe actually has your back which makes it one of the best books for self love. The book teaches you how to accept yourself, fully surrender yourself and turn your fear into a strong faith in yourself.


3. The gifts of imperfection

Author: Brene Brown

Publication year: 2010

One of the best books for self love that encourage you to hold authentic living that make you accept and love yourself. The impactful words and powerful storytelling of the author place it among the best self love books. The ten benchmarks mentioned in the book are necessary for living a perfectly imperfect life. One of the best books for self love, it simply teaches you how to live an unreserved wholehearted life embracing your flaws, imperfections, and vulnerabilities.


4. Love yourself like your life depends on it

Author: Kamal Ravikant

Publication year: 2012

If you are looking for some simple self love books to read, this book is for you. The way this book teaches how to raise yourself and why is it vital to get up after you fall ranks it among the best books for self love. The author has a simple principle – keep saying “I love myself” repeatedly and see how your life transforms. It shares a firm assurance of self-love through practical advice, personal stories, and meditation practice.


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5. The Self-love Experiment: Fifteen Principles for becoming more kind, compassionate, and accepting yourself

Author: Shannon Kaiser

Publication year: 2017

One of the must-read books on self-love. The author offers you a simple strategy that gently helps you remove your fear-based thoughts and allow you to fall in love with yourself and your life. While reading this one of the best books for self love, you feel like you are on a journey of salving into self-love that feels authentic. The book teaches you true self-love and self-acceptance.

Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same – Shannon Kaiser

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6. The art of living alone and loving it

Author: Jane Mathews

Publication year: 2018

Ranked among the best books for self love, this amazing book enlightens about how to hold your life on your own through a proactive mindset and encouraging thinking. You can live alone into a blissful and enriching experience by antagonizing your situation face-to-face.

The author of this one of the best books for self love believes that if you want to live alone happily, you need to look into every sphere of life including your health, relationships, finances, interests, and spirituality and then you have to take action. Whatever your circumstances are, there is definitely something for you and you just need to realize that.


7. Radical acceptance: embracing your life with the heart of a Buddha

Author: Tara Brach

Publication year: 2003

Radical acceptance is not about self-indulgence or passivity, it is about empowering true change, healing shame, and fear, and building authentic and loving relationships. The author has written this book through her real-life experiences which makes it one of the best books for self love and self-healing. The book teaches about how radical acceptance can help you embrace your negative and positive life experiences and live more mindfully.


8. I am enough

Author: Grace Byers

Publication year: 2018

Among the best books for self love, ‘I Am Enough’ is something you can give to your children to boost self love. The constructive affirmations in the book encourage self-acceptance and self-esteem. The book rejoices children for who they are. It is one of the best books on self love to teach your children about self-worth and self-esteem.

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9. Good vibes, good life: how self-love is the key to unlocking your greatness

Author: Vex King

Publication year: 2018

This book is one of the best books for self love as it discovers ways to reveal you’re true potential, practice self-care, and love yourself more. The author offers simple tips and tricks to transform your negative emotions into positive ones and attain a happy life. You must read one of the best books for self love to overcome toxic energy and prioritize your well-being.


10. Dear self

Author: Rube Dhal

Publication year: 2020

Dear Self is one of the best books for self love as the book is all about the meaning of self love, self-worth, and self-discovery and how it helps your healing journey. The author talks about loneliness, heartache, and relationships and dives into strength, commitments, insecurities, and the power of pain.

The author goes in depth of her own life experiences and what those experiences taught her. You must read this one of the best books for self love discovering the deepest emotions of both the writer and the reader. It is among the best books for self love, particularly for those who wish to explore more about themselves, take their flaws, and want to take pride in their weaknesses.

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